Server Cordsets

The IEC 60320 is a set of standards from the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) specifying plugs and connectors for household appliances, including computers, servers, routers, televisions, electric razors, and more.                                      IEC 60309 (IEC309) Power Supply Cords available with plug, connector, or both. YELLOW, BLUE, and RED series available in custom lengths with short lead times. Plugs and connectors available with domestic and international approvals. Standard cordage material is PVC, but rubber is also available. Standard color is black, but other colors (white, gray, red, blue, green, orange, yellow) are also available. Available in domestic and international configurations to fit your needs. 

  • C1 - 7A/125V - 2-wire
  • C5 - 10A/250V- 3-wire
  • C7 - 7A/125V - 2-wire
  • C13 - 15A/250V - 3-wire
  • C14 - 15A/250V - 3-wire
  • C15 - 15A/250V - 3-wire
  • C17 - 13A/250V- 2-wire
  • C18 - 13A/125V - 2-wire
  • C19 - 20A-250V - 3-wire
  • C20 - 20A/250V - 3-wire
  • IEC 60320
  • IEC 60309

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